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Quality Unit of Gilan Rubber Manufacturing Group knows its most important quality goal gaining customer trust and satisfaction and believes that customer satisfaction is achieved via following techniques:
1. Providing quality products based on customers' needs
2. Timely supply of products for customers
3. Competitive price

In order to achieve the above goals, the group:
- Commit themselves to observe the valid national and international standards and designs and deploys the company's quality management system in accordance with the models of international standard (ISO / TS 16949: 2009) as well as the Sazeh Gostar company's quality system requirements (AR8601) and quality system requirements SAPCO 86 (SSR2).
- Strive to improve the level of knowledge, competency and proficiency of their employees through continuous training according to improvements of the quality processes and products at all organizational levels.
- Aim to enhance staff's quality awareness through strengthening collaboration culture.
- Define continuous improvement in all processes and activities and achieving zero defects as a priority for their activities.